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One-component adhesive BPA-CEM 805

BPA-CEM 805 is a one-component, odorless adhesive / sealant which reacts with atmospheric moisture to create an elastic vulcanized rubber seal. It is free of solvents, silicones and isocyanates. BPA-CEM 805 has a neutral cure, is compatible with paints and features excellent chemical resistance.

Hydrophilic, solvent free adhesive BPA-CEM 805 „active"

BPA-CEM 805 „active“ is a hydrophilic, solvent free adhesive / sealant based on polyurethane for the sealing of construction joints, pipe penetrations and certain special site applications. It swells (min. 200%) and hardens in contact with water vapor causing permanent sealing with long-lasting adhesive strength and waterproofing properties.

BPA-CEMsil / Water Repellents / Impregnation

In the area of Impregnation / Hydrophobization system, you will find various products for various applications, all based on silanes and siloxanes.

These products are used to protect facades or building materials that are exposed to weather and can prevent problems such as frost damage, fouling caused by algae, mold and other microorganisms or efflorescences caused by the release of minerals on the surface.

The building materials receive the necessary protection, remain diffusible and do not influence the building surface. The particularly high penetration depth in the material guarantees a durable, reliable protection, which also withstands extreme weather conditions without damage.

BPA-CEMsil SC-I is a VOC-free impregnating cream based on silanes and siloxanes, it is specially designed to be used for wall injection against rising damp as well as for surface application. It provides long-lasting and reliable water repellency to mineral substances such as brickwork and facades.

You can get more information about the function and the application in our report on LinkedIn here.

BPA-CEMdicht 3 in 1

BPA-CEMdicht 3 in 1 means one base powder which with the addition of the Flex or Flex + liquids produces three different end products as well as multiple potential applications:


  • Powder + water = “stiff“ mineral sealant silt
  • Powder + BPA-CEMdicht flex = “flexible“ sealant slurry
  • Powder + BPA-CEMdicht flex+ = “flexible + crystalline“ sealant slurry

BPA-CEMdicht is used to protect buildings and parts there of against ground dampness, pressurised water and pressurised water. BPA-CEMdicht 3 in 1 has a General Building Code Test Certificate (abP).


BPA-Drill-hole steel packer


The BPA-Drill-hole steel packer is our standard injection packer for concrete crack injection according to the German regulation ZTV-Riss. The packer, which is firmly fixed into the drill-hole uses a reinforced rubber sleeve to stay in place even if high injection pressure is used. Furthermore the reinforced rubber sleeve compensates for minor irregularities and avoids any leakage from the packer.

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