Tropical Garden Frutigen, Frutigen, Switzerland

The story

The "Tropenhaus" is a unique tropical garden with an experience exhibition and integrated fish farming. The central importance was, among other things, the new construction of the fish farming facility (sturgeon) with sophisticated exposed concrete. In all this working joints we used BPA-CEMflex® VB coated steel plates. The exposed concrete pool was not additionally coated, because they needed a natural environment for the fishes. The prerequisite for this was, that the BPA-CEMflex® VB coated steel plate waterstop had a drinking water license.

More projects

  • Wankdorf stadium Bern/ CH
  • Bjørvikatunnel / NO
  • Lough Rynn House / IRE

Installed systems

  • Coated steel plate waterstop BPA-CEMflex®
product overview

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