Injection hose systems

Our injection hose systems are used for sealing structural joints in below-grade structures and tunnels. The hoses act as a conduit for the passage of various injection materials; (both resin and cement based), into the concrete matrix thus sealing the joints and honeycombs.

All of our injection hose systems are certified to meet the German General Building Code (abP).

Injection hose BPA-Predimax® 11 / 19

The BPA-Predimax® injection hose is a high efficancy, double-jacketed, PVC hose which has the capability of being used for multiple injections of resin or cement based materials to enable the sealing of construction joints in concrete. The use of BPA-Predimax® is a clever way to ‘future-proof’ your structure as its multiple injection capacity allows the use of BPA-Predimax® for initial, scheduled, or remedial sealing of the joints.

Injection hose BPA-Predimax® is a twin layer system made up of an internal hose, with big aperture outlets for the release of injection liquids, encased in an exterior hose whose shell contains slots which are placed offset from the openings of the inner hose. This twin layer technology reliably inhibits concrete fines from penetrating the inner shell of the BPA-Predimax® injection hose ensuring the free passage of the injection medium into the concrete matrix. The astute design of the BPA-Predimax® System enables injection materials to be pumped at low pressure.

Injection hose BPA-CEM11 / CEM19

BPA-CEM11 / CEM19 is a single walled, PVC injection hose which economically provides a high efficacy joint sealing system. The BPA-CEM hose is designed with conical shaped apertures which provide the outlets to enable the pressurised injection material to enter the concrete matrix and seal the joint. The BPA-CEM system may be used for sealing construction joints in below-grade concrete structures, civil engineering, and tunnelling.

Due to the geometry of the apertures in the BPA-CEM hose the outlets remain closed, preventing the ingress of cement paste or fines into the transport duct, thus providing a reliable passage for the injection material. The smooth surface of the hose prevents any unwanted bonding between the concrete and the outer surface of the hose. The BPA-CEM hose is suitable for use with any favoured injection materials and its smooth, non-adhering surface gives the BPA-CEM hose the ability to be used for remedial injection treatments.

projects with BPA-Predimax® / BPA-CEM

  • Bjorvikatunnel Oslo / NO
  • Metro Sofia / BG
  • Turtmann Tunnel Turtmann / CH

further products

  • BPA-Quellmax® 
  • BPA-CEMflex® VB
  • BPA-CEMswell®
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