Hydrophilic Swelling Rubber BPA-CEMswell®

Hydrophilic Swelling Rubber BPA-CEMswell® is an expanding joint sealing profile which swells, while remaining dimensionally stable, on contact with water and is primarily used for the sealing of joints in prefabricated concrete elements for use in the construction of basements, tunnels and mine shafts. In its round form, BPA-CEMswell® can be used to successfully seal tie-bolt holes.

BPA-CEMswell® has been developed for the successful sealing of joints up to 5 bar water pressure. BPA-CEMswell® is available in various standard sizes but also can be extruded in any user-defined shape and size.

Hydrophilic swelling rubber BPA-CEMswell®

BPA-CEMswell® is an extruded TPE-based alloy made from rubber, hydrophilic resin, polyethylene, silicon and special admixtures. On contact with water it is capable of swelling up to 4 times its own volume and under conditions of confinement will mould itself to the surrounding surfaces producing a water-tight seal.

The sealing effect is attained through the developing swelling pressure even if the surrounding surfaces are rough and the joint gaps to be filled are of an uneven size. BPA-CEMswell® is capable of performing multiple swelling cycles.

BPA-CEMswell® is approved for the use in waste water, slurry and animal manure.

projects with BPA-CEMswell

  • court Izmir / TUR
  • sewage tunnel Zürich / CH
  • Pipeline ESKİŞEHİR / TUR

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