Bentonite waterstop tape BPA-Quellmax®

Our swellable bentonite waterstop tapes are used for waterproofing of vertical and horizontal structural joints, especially those with complicated geometrical joint shapes. BPA-Quellmax® is a swellable bentonite waterstop tape for the sealing of structural joints which are exposed constantly or temporarily to water.

It features a strong, fast and reliable swelling performance. BPA-Quellmax® consist of bentonite embedded in a matrix of high molecular butyl rubber as well as special fillers and crystalline admixtures. BPA-Quellmax consists mostly of bentonite, a natural potter´s clay. Bentonite has the property to quickly enlarge its volume through swelling, when it comes in contact with water.

BPA-Quellmax® is tested and approved up to 7 bar water pressure and also for use in changing water tables (wet-dry circle test successfully completed).

Bentonite waterstop tape BPA-Quellmax® Blackstop

BPA-Quellmax®-Blackstop is our standard bentonite waterstop tape. When installed into the structural joint, BPA-Quellmax® Blackstop immediately starts to swell on contact with water. When BPA-Quellmax®-Blackstop is covered completely by concrete, a compacting pressure builds up and the construction joint is sealed instantly. Swelling and shrinkage are infinitely reversible.

Bentonite waterstop tape BPA-Quellmax®-Plus with rain protection

BPA-Quellmax®-Plus waterstop is a bentonite based water-stop tape with a patented rain protection. The unique protection coating prevents premature swelling of the tape for up to 3 days. Contact with rain or general site water will not activate the product, but when BPA-Quellmax®-Plus is covered with contrete the alkalinity of the fresh concrete dissolves the protective coating and instantly activates the BPA-Quellmax®-Plus Waterstop which swells on contact with water to prevent water ingress through the joint.

projects with BPA-Quellmax®

  • Aviva Stadium Dublin / IRL
  • Wankdorf Stadium Bern / CH
  • Bjorvikatunnel Oslo / NO

further products

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