Non-woven waterproofing membrane BPA-EasySeal / BPA-SilverSeal

BPA-SilverSeal is a unique water reacting, impermeable, self-healing, light-weight, swelling, non-woven waterproofing membrane. It is used especially in the field of structural waterproofing as well as tunnel sealing.

BPA-SilverSeal swelling non-woven is a needle-punched PP-non-woven geotextile impregnated by a super absorber and a water-activated swelling polymer (BPA-EasySeal) with an optional high density PE-membrane (BPA-SilverSeal) The use of our swelling non-woven membranes eliminates the need for conventional waterproofing materials such as bituminous liners, coatings and synthetic membranes of all kinds.

BPA-SilverSeal - active non-woven waterproofing membrane

BPA-SilverSeal is a “lightweight” waterproofing system for the use in any water-sealing applications. BPA-SilverSeal is a needle punched non-woven fleece impregnated with water absorbing and water swelling polymer combined with a high density PE-membrane. BPA-SilverSeal is a well-tested double-sealing system.

The unique sealing properties of BPA-SilverSeal are attained through two functions; the first sealing function lies in the high density PE-membrane, the second sealing function is only activated if the membrane is damaged and the incoming water activates the swelling non-woven geotextile. If water penetrates the membrane, the water reactive polymer swells thus creating an extremely tight, gel-like film which permanently seals the concrete structure.

BPA-SilverSeal was 2006 the first "self-healing" pre-applied concrete bonding membrane in the world.

BPA-SilverSeal can be used as pre- and post-applied waterproofing membrane with unique self-healing proberties.

Together with our partner CN Bau in Austria we made a video on a construction site, in this video you can see how fast, easy and economical the installation of BPA-SilverSeal is:

BPA-SilverSeal installation video


Non-woven waterproofing membrane BPA-EasySeal 200 / 450

BPA-EasySeal is a “light-weight” waterproofing system for the use in any water-sealing applications. BPA-EasySeal is a needle punched non-woven fleece impregnated with super absorbing and water swelling polymer.

Next to the excellent sealing behaviour BPA-Easy Seal seals concrete cracks caused by concrete shrinkage effectively. The mechanical bond of the BPA-EasySeal membrane prevents lateral waterflow behind the membrane from occurring.

Our BPA-EasySeal can be used in combination with BPA-CEMdicht 3 in 1 and can be used effectively in combination with shotcrete.

BPA-EasySeal is available with a silver colored PE sheet = BPA-SilverSeal.

BPA-EasySeal is available with a transparent PVC sheet = BPA-DualProof S

projects with BPA-EasySeal or BPA-SilverSeal

  • Court Izmir / TUR
  • Tunnelunterführung Bad Elster / GER
  • Metro Sofia / BG

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