At BPA we understand construction and the importance of getting the job done right, first time, on time. Innovation, Quality, Sustainability, and Affordability are at the core of BPA’s product development. Our emphasis is on developing products which are high in functional waterproofing performance, easy to use, kind to the environment, and economical in use. These product characteristics along with our wealth of practical experience are the reasons why BPA is becoming the ‘partner of choice’ for a growing number of design professionals and contractors across the globe.  

  • Joint sealing
  • External surface waterproofing
  • Further products
Joint sealing

Detailing is the key to successful structural waterproofing and nowhere is this more important than in the construction joints. Through years of research BPA have identified the common causes of failure in joint sealing and have developed a robust product range to help overcome water penetration through the construction joints. Our skilled Engineers have the experience to understand the requirements of your specific application and offer the most reliable design and product solution in every situation. 

Injection hose systems

Hydrophilic Swelling Rubber

External surface waterproofing

Concrete placed below ground is subjected to many potentially damaging phenomena; from ground movement to high water tables, high water pressure to contaminants in the soil. The practical and research experience of the highly qualified BPA Design Team enables us to guide you along your design and application journey confident in the knowledge that you are receiving the best practical and technical support in system selection and application oversight. 

Bentonite Membrane Systems BPA-CEMtobent

Swelling non-woven Waterproofing Membrane BPA-SilverSeal

Further products

At BPA we offer a systematic approach to solving your waterproofing problems. To achieve these solutions we provide a number of complimentary products in the form of accessories to ensure that your structure is protected to meet the highest requirements.

BPA-CEMdicht 3 in 1

one-component, adhesive BPA-CEM 805

hydrophillic, solvent free adhesive BPA-CEM 805 "active"

CEMsil / Water Repellents / Impregnation

BPA-Steel Packer


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