Expert meeting on pre-applied concrete bonding waterproofing systems


On June 6, experts met at the Kiwa GmbH site in Greven to discuss the current state of the art and the future applications of pre-applied concrete bonding waterproofing systems.

The focus was on their use in combination with waterproof concrete structures (WUB-KO), but also as external surface waterproofing in combination with normal concrete.

During a tour and inspection of the Kiwa branch, the participants were able to get an overview of the ongoing studies and test installations for the pre-applied concrete bonding membranes.

(on the picture below from left to right: Michael Hesse, BPA GmbH; Adrian Pflieger, BPA GmbH; Prof. Dr. Frank Heimbecher, Kiwa GmbH/FH Münster; Chris Behr, BPA GmbH; Prof. Dr. Alfred Haack, STUVA e. V.; Dominik Kessler, STUVAtec GmbH; Dr. Knut Herrmann, MPA Braunschweig; Ulli Heinlein, TH Nürnberg; Matthias Käsekamp, Kiwa GmbH)


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